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Deploying 365: Powerful Alone but Better Togethe

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Experts tell us that the key to navigating “the new way of working” is to create a new set of habits.  Sure, COVID-19 accelerated the digital transformation timeline, forcing businesses to adjust to new workflows and digital-first work ecosystems. But, what exactly does “the new way of working” mean? And, how does Microsoft 365 facilitate it?

We can certainly begin by talking about the need to “accelerate the transition to agility” (a direct quote from McKinsey’s “Making the New Normal Work“), but we’ll skip the buzzwords. Instead, we’ll talk about tangibility. For most businesses (at least, those without billions of dollars in revenue), digital transformation equates to investing in the right technologies. If you don’t have millions of dollars to spend on R&D, you’ll need to leverage a monthly subscription that gives you all the tools you need to transform your company.

And, if you’re anything like the 600,000+ companies that leverage Office 365, the answer to your woes is Microsoft. Office 365 and Microsoft 365 are fully-fledged digital transformation vehicles. But, how do you deploy MS365 or O365 without cratering productivity and causing organization-wide chaos?

Microsoft and Digital Transformation: A Match Made in Heaven

There are three core tenants of Office 365 that make it an ideal digital transformation engine:

  1. Automation
  2. Collaboration (particularly remote)
  3. Productivity

1. Automation

Automation (a.k.a “the world’s biggest time saver”) isn’t that secret business advantage enterprise businesses hide in the dark corners of their multi-billion dollar R&D departments. Every business — big and small — has a very real opportunity to automate a significant portion of its workflows today.

Microsoft makes the transfer to automation effortless. Power Automate can be leveraged across the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem to create hyper-digestible automated workflows. All of those redundant, mundane, and time-consuming tasks that sap employee energy will be a thing of the past. Today, 40% of workers admit they spend up to a quarter of their week dealing with repetitive tasks with high automation potential.

With Power Automate, you can immediately start automating some of those headache-inducing tasks. Better yet, your workers can set up their own automation workflows — no hand-holding required. From reminders to email attachment storage and document approvals, Power Automate makes automation a cinch.

In addition, Microsoft 365 also comes packed with Power Apps. Sure, you can automate workflows using off-the-shelf software. Or, you can just automate the software’s building process. But, with Power Apps, you can build fully-functional apps (at scale) in minutes. Employees can build out their own line-of-business apps to tackle their biggest operational challenges. Combine that with Power Automate, and you have tangible automation without massive investments or five-year R&D plans.

And, that’s not all if you’re aiming for digital transformation. In fact, that’s the very tip of the iceberg of what Microsoft 365 is capable of.

How Microsoft 365 Facilitates Seamless Automation:

  • Power Virtual Agents: Imagine being able to launch no-code chatbots across your customer service infrastructure. Yes, that’s right. In a few minutes, you can launch a best-in-class chatbot, easy as pie.
  • Power-enabled RPA: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software bots to orchestrate workflow automation. So, instead of forcing employees to fill out boring data entry sheets, you can launch a nifty, error-free bot to tackle those sheets for you. Power Automate has UI flows and AI flows that you can plug in to create meaningful RPA bots.
  • ALM: Application lifecycle management can put a serious kink in daily operations. So, why not use Microsoft to create cohesive and comprehensive ALM solutions? It’s easy, powerful, and immediately applicable to your brand-new MS365 ecosystem.

2. Collaboration

Why do most workplace projects fail? Is it due to budgetary concerns? Or, is it management issues or the failure to set sustainable goals? No, the surprising answer is that the breakdown in communications often does more to torpedo projects than anything else.

Don’t believe us? An astounding 86% of employees believe that lack of communication is the #1 reason for failed project initiatives. Here’s the problem: 74% of businesses were having collaboration and communication issues BEFORE COVID-19. Now, a good chunk of your workforce (if not your entire workforce) must navigate your digital platform in disparate locations.

How do you facilitate collaboration in a remote setting if you were already struggling when everyone was under the same roof? That’s where Microsoft comes in. With Teams, you get seamless remote collaboration that aids, rather than hinder productivity. You get channels, Skype-powered video conferencing, and a host of other best-in-class collaboration features. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations logged approximately 2.7 billion meeting minutes a day.

3. Productivity

When it comes to productivity, Microsoft has years in the tank. Since the first version of MS Word to the Excel documents that dominated the early 2000s, Microsoft lives-and-breathes productivity apps. And, with Microsoft 365, you get the golden chalice. There are too many apps and features to cover here, so we’ll bullet point the big ones:

The list goes on. To put it simply, the diversity of Microsoft apps you can wield gives you a distinct competitive advantage. Essentially, Microsoft is built on productivity. It’s been the company slogan for years. So, the automation, digitization, and collaboration tools that Microsoft has added to its ecosystem have productivity baked in by virtue. In other words, Microsoft is synonymous with productivity.

Are You Ready to Future-Proof Your Business?

Let’s be honest: you don’t have billions of dollars and five years to shift to a digital-first framework. This is where Nexinite comes in. With our Microsoft solutions, you get clear strategies and digital transformation at your fingertips.

So, the choice is clear. You can spend months deploying, mastering, and implementing Microsoft 365 while juggling the demands of daily operations. Or, you can get in touch with us. We’re Office 365 and Microsoft 365 evangelists, and we have years of experience helping organizations deploy a fully-fledged Microsoft architecture.

So, don’t hike Mount Everest alone. With Nexinite and Microsoft, you won’t just be ready for digital disruption; you’ll be creating it. Contact us to learn how we can help you transform your business and secure your share of the digital marketplace.

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