Learn About Cloud Solution Provider Licensing

Cloud Solution Provider Program

Being able to properly support the technology you use is critical to your organizations ability to use it. Sometimes, however, the standard support services available don’t offer the quality you need. Nexinite is here to help. As certified Office 365 experts, we offer Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing options, allowing us to act take over as admin support provider for Office 365.

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Skip the Line

Get the help you need, right when you need it. Through our CSP program you get direct access to Dedicated Level II Support without the hassle of working your way up to it. We can even provide immediate escalation to Microsoft’s level IV support. That means you get a faster resolution and can enjoy peace of mind!

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Stay in Control

Our CSP program offers access to a dedicated online portal for adding, removing, and changing Office 365 subscriptions, as well as reviewing billing history. While generally unavailable from the CSP programs of other partners, our portal allows for unprecedented control over account management.

Own the Relationship

When choose Nexinite you get award winning IT services from a team that already knows you and your environment, instead of the anonymity of standard Microsoft support. As company that primarily provides IT support, we stake our reputation on our ability to provide you with support that’s simple, fast and reliable. You can count on us.

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Simplify Your Billing

Standard Office 365 billing often results in disorganized charges throughout the month that are hard to keep track of. Through our CSP program, however, you get a unified invoice that your accountant will thank you for. CSP billing can even be combined with other cloud services, such as Azure and EMS, as well as our own!

Admin Support Not Enough?

For businesses that require support for all Office 365 users within their organization, Nexinite also offers broader managed service plans extending coverage to the whole organization, as well as those that include hardware and on-site support.

Ready for a solution? We can help you every step of the way.