Nonprofits communicate with ease on Office 365


02 Jun Nonprofits communicate with ease on Office 365

Two Italian nonprofit organizations – Oxfam and Emergency – have turned to Microsoft Office 365 for a secure and reliable cloud service, allowing them to expand the scope of their international initiatives of combatting poverty, providing aid and promoting human rights across the globe without putting an increased burden on IT.

Oxfam consists of 17 organizations networked together in more than 90 countries, as part of a global movement for change.  They specialize in humanitarian aid and development projects with the goal of building a future free of poverty. The worldwide distribution of Oxfam’s offices requires an infrastructure that is manageable and allows for seamless collaboration between employees across several countries. Oxfam’s Italy office needed to find a way to exchange information and materials efficiently and securely. Thanks to the support of Microsoft and partner company Tempestive, the Italian offices of Oxfam got on Office 365 and are now more effective in carrying out the daily activities of the organization. This means Oxfam can reach more people in need more quickly.

Emergency is a humanitarian organization founded in 1994 that brings free surgical care to victims of war, landmines and poverty. Emergency currently operates in a number of countries across the globe including Afghanistan, Iraq, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone and Sudan as well as two group practices and two mobile clinics in Italy. With this many locations, the organization needed an email solution that would allow for dependable, efficient and secure communication across all offices. In collaboration with SoftJam partners, Emergency developed a hybrid solution, where the organization migrated to Exchange 2010 and Office 365, allowing the company to use both the on-premise system and the cloud depending on their need. Emergency now has the tools that allow them to focus on their patients rather than their technology.

To learn more about how Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship efforts are helping nonprofits achieve their goals, visit Microsoft’s nonprofit partner Nexinite.


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